31 Dec

Storm8’s Big Holiday!


Shopping, eating, gifting - just a few of the activities we cherish around the holidays. But guess what? Based on all the activity we saw here at Storm8, it turns out gaming is yet another one to add to that list. The infographics below show what the Storm8 mobile gaming network was up to last week, which illustrates some key takeaways for mobile developers.

2 Million Downloads on December 25!


On Christmas Day alone, Storm8 recorded a whopping 2 million downloads across our mobile gaming network. Two million!  That’s equivalent to more than twice the entire population of San Francisco downloading and playing a Storm8 game, and over 100 times the number of people who visit the Eiffel Tower daily. 

Impressive, but what does this really mean for mobile developers everywhere?

Divert the increased holiday traffic to your games. 


The holidays present a huge opportunity to attract new users. Friends and families give and receive more gifts during the holidays than any other season. With phones and tablets usually among the most popular gift items, it’s the perfect time to check out the hottest and most popular apps. Why not let that be your game? On December 25, we saw a 4x increase in downloads. Also, with more people on vacation from work and school, there’s a bigger chance that players will spend more time in your game. As we see in the graph above, players spent 2.5 million hours playing our games on December 25 alone. 

‘Tis the season for giving and spending.


Players’ willingness to spend is heightened during the holidays with the festive spirit in the air. The graph above illustrates the tremendous potential to increase revenue by being smart about the games you deliver during this season. On December 25, we saw up to 4.5x increase in ARPDAU in some of our most popular games. In addition, by offering holiday-themed content and features, you can keep the spirit of the season alive in your games. Fresh content and new promotions can entice more spending and, in turn, make it a happy holiday for your revenues, too.


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