7 Dec

Protecting Your Account from Accidental In-App Purchases

One of the hazards of owning a iOS or Android device is having your personal information stored on a portable device. If your device gets stolen, or your child gets a hold of your iPad, and the person logs onto your account, you could receive unauthorized charges on your Credit Card or phone bill through in-app purchases.

At Storm8 / TeamLava, we want to be sure that should one of these scenarios occur, your account is protected from unauthorized in-app purchases.

With an Apple/iOS device, like an iPod, iPhone and iPad, you can set up restrictions on your device by visiting Settings > General > Restrictions. From this menu, you can ensure your account is secured by requiring the user of the device to input your iTunes password before making an in-app purchase or download an app. Changes to these settings would have to be verified by correctly applying a user-generated Passcode.

If you’re using an Android device, and the version of Android Market on your device is Version 3.1 or higher, you can enable a setting that requires a four-digit Personal Identification Number is input for every in-app purchase. You can enable this setting by opening the Android Market, tapping the Menu button on your device, and selecting Settings > Use PIN for purchases. Then, set up the four-digit PIN on the option below.

We hope this helps you better protect your device, and prevents your account from unauthorized in-app purchases in the future.

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