11 Oct

Storm8 Games, now on Facebook!

We are extremely excited to announce that three of our hit games - World War, iMobsters and Vampires Live - are now able to be played on Facebook!

These games are fully integrated with the pre-existing player-base, so new Facebook players will be able to join in on an already massive mobile community and get into the action right away.

In addition, Facebook players can add friends directly from their Facebook accounts - no codes required! 

While we highly encourage everyone to try out the Facebook version, please note that this is a new adaptation, we are still working out the bugs and kinks. As such, we currently do not support the ability to transfer Facebook accounts to mobile devices, or to transfer your existing account on your mobile device to your Facebook account. However, when you start a new character, you can log into that account through your Facebook ID on any computer or mobile device of your choosing!

The other major difference between the pre-existing games and the games on Facebook is that Facebook users do not currently have the ability to purchase Points (Favor Points on iMobsters, Loyalty Points on Vampires Live, or Honor Points on World War).

We are doing out best to bring these features to this new platform as soon as possible.

Once again, we’re very excited to bring our games to new users, to give our old users more chances to play our games, and to make our games accessible to everyone. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think!

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