4 Jul

Now Introducing Bingo: World Games!

It’s about to get festive in Rio! Join soccer fans from around the world in the international event of the year with Bingo: World Games! Relax on the warm Rio beaches or support your favorite team with international themed collectibles. There’s fun and exciting new content for everyone on iOS or Android!

  • Play your way through a NEW EXCLUSIVE ROOM!
  • FESTIVE MUSIC from Brazil sets the mood for fun and celebration!
  • TRAVEL TO RIO with this brand new Rio World Games themed makeover - even the announcers have dressed up for the Carnival fun!
  • COLLECT Treasure Chests for great rewards such as coins, extra boosts, tickets and more!
  • COMPLETE fun, themed Collections in every room to get more tickets and play even more!

Download and play Bingo: World Games from the App Store!

Download and play Bingo: World Games from Google Play!

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13 Jun

Wacky Olympics 2014

imagephotos by Daniel Kokin

Summer has arrived and we took full advantage of this perfect weather by hosting our annual Wacky Olympics, a day where the whole company takes over a park for a day of fun in the sun. It gives us a chance to get to know other Stormies we may not have had the chance to spend time with before. We randomly split off into teams where we form fresh alliances and use teamwork to roast the competition!


Some activities required more finesse than others, as we raced across astroturf on wooden skis, fueled only by the speed of synchronized legwork. At Storm8, we all have each other’s backs and managed to ace the challenge without knocking each other over in domino fashion, an achievement not many can claim. It’s moments like these that gives the best stories to tell. How was your Friday? Oh, you know, went group skiing on astroturf. No big deal. 

See more wacky activities after the jump!

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20 May

We’ve doubled our gaming network to 400 million players in just a year!


Hot on the heels of our 5th year anniversary and awesome company trip to Hawaii this Spring, we are very excited to share that we have doubled our gaming network in the last year. Today, more than 400 million people play Storm8 games worldwide, and the size of our network continues to expand! We’re absolutely thrilled about this achievement and we appreciate the support from fans of Storm8, including our brands TeamLava, Shark Party and FireMocha.

From day one, Storm8 has been focused on building a network of mobile games to entertain a wide range of players. Over the last 5 years, we’ve consistently delivered on this mission by creating a diversified portfolio of games across 5 different genres. As a result, today, we have more than 50 million monthly active users who play one of our 40+ games.

What’s driving this success? It’s our world-class team of Stormies.

Our 250-strong team works hard to ensure that every single game we release exceeds the quality bar that our gaming community expects. Are we done yet? No way! This year we plan to introduce more new games for both iOS and Android. As we approach a billion game downloads, we will continue to explore new possibilities to deliver compelling and entertaining content. Stay tuned for game news soon!

And, as always, we’re looking to grow the Storm8 team. Please visit our Careers page for more information.

9 May

2nd Annual Storm8 Health and Wellness Fair


Recently, we were treated to our second annual Health and Wellness Fair. You may remember that last year’s fair was a hit, so our People Team organized it again this year to encourage healthy lifestyles. With the selection of snacks and refreshments available to us everyday at work, these special occasions are serious business! 

Read more about our healthy day after the jump!

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5 May

Now Introducing Pool by Shark Party for iOS!


Get ready to sink some balls and tear up the felt! Do you have what it takes to hold your own down at the Pool Hall? Grab a cue and get ready to hustle your opponents. May the best Pool Shark win!

  • COMPETE head to head with players from all over the world in real time!
  • PLAY ANY TIME in Practice Mode - no Internet connection needed!
  • ENTER Tournaments to compete with up to 8 players in real time! Win all 3 rounds to be named Champion!
  • CUSTOMIZE your gear with unique Cue Sticks, Table Frames, Table Cloths, and Decals!
  • CHAT with your opponent while playing Online matches!
  • PLAY SOLO in Practice Mode against the timer to sharpen your skills!
  • PLAY A FRIEND in Pass & Play Mode on the couch, at work, on the bus, or anywhere!

Download and play Pool by Shark Party from the App Store!

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18 Apr

Storm8 Hawaii Trip!


Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii! Hard work never goes unappreciated at Storm8. Our amazing founders took all of us to Honolulu for an employee appreciation trip! We stayed at the wonderful Modern Honolulu right near Waikiki Beach. Stormies spent the weekend enjoying fun group activities and delicious food on the island.

Read more about our island trip after the jump!

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28 Mar

It’s a Wrap: A GDC 2014 Recap


It seems like only a few months ago, we were prepping for yet another busy GDC. And now, it’s over! GDC 2014 came by swiftly – with a fun-filled week of parties, meetings, awesome expo showcases and interesting talks. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

As we wrote earlier this week, Storm8 kicked off GDC 2014 with a party that we hosted at Roe in San Francisco on Tuesday night. Here are a few snaps from the shindig, in case you missed it, or if you were there, feel free to tag and share.

Read more about all the Storm8 @ GDC happenings below!

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26 Mar

Storm8’s GDC Party at Roe SF!


After a fun day at work, Stormies headed to San Francisco to share the fun with other industry enthusiasts! It was a great party to attend after an eventful day at the Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center. This year, Storm8 hosted a party at the elegant Roe Restaurant, conveniently located a block away from where GDC was being held.

Excited to see what went on at this year’s party? Keep reading to find out after the jump!

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21 Mar

Storm8’s 5th Year Anniversary!


Storm8 recently celebrated its 5th anniversary! You may remember last year’s exciting party that we were able to enjoy in the comforts of our own office. As we continue to grow, we’ve had to make more room for us to party! The anniversary party was held at a local, luxury hotel with sky-high ceilings, decorated with sparkling light fixtures, colorful glass tubes with floating flowers, and soft lit tea candles. The ambience was spectacular and on par with our regular Storm8 shindigs.

Read more about our fun times below!

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28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Storm8, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

There will be limited support available during the holiday break. We will try to assist you as soon as possible, but during this time, we recommend that you check out the Storm8 forums for any gameplay questions.

If you have a new device, please see this thread for detailed steps on how to transfer your account using your Storm8 ID and password.